WTF??? and FTW!!!

Today's WTF??? News:
Yesterday I put on pair of work pants that fit me at the beginning of last year but have not been able to zip since last Christmas. They zipped up and were even a bit loose. Which was good until, over the course of the day, they began to grow!!! The size 18 pants became as loose on me as if I had been wearing a pair of 22's.
The crotch of the pants was hanging to my knees and I actually had to hold the band of the pants to keep them from falling down! It was horrifying, I felt like such a lunatic running errands while holding up my pants! So I decided that trip to the goodwill was in order. Which brings us to...

Today's FTW!!! news:
I tried on several pairs of size 16 pants at the resale shops and most of them were either too big, or just unattractive. I also grabbed a cute pair of Gap size 14 khakis, just to see, and they nearly zipped! I had to buy them, they have become my goal for the end of the summer, I want to be in a comfortable size 14 by the end of September.
I did find two pairs of brown and one pair of black pants that will do well for work, I needed something that looks professional but didn't want to spend lots of money(because I don't plan on wearing them for that long!!!)
NBA 002
Me in one of the new outfits
Did you ever notice that a size 16 at the Goodwill often fits like a 14 does in the store? Its a phenomenon I have often puzzled over.

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