I put on a pair of size 14 jeans this morning and while they were not really "comfortable" they zipped, and I could sit in them, I am thinking that 4-5 pounds from now they will fit well and I will have a skinny jean party!

Until then, as a reward for this massively awesome change(getting to 210) I am going shopping later. I am going to purchase some more tools for making the delicious body healthy foods that are allowing me to change my life and feel good about myself.
My shopping trip will result in a mandolin slicer, mortar and pestle and really good knife, maybe one that comes with sharpener...

My incentive plan is rather ambitious, these are all things I really want and they are worth the extra effort of working out and waiting, besides maybe I'll be able to find good sales on some of these things...

220-Workout clothes
210-Kitchen gadgets
200-Food processor
180-Going off Birth control (We want another munchkin)
170-Stand Mixer
160-Glider Rocking Chair
150-New wedding rings

You will notice there is a page called incentives here on my blog, I will be posting photos of the incentives as I earn them, and any new ones that come up along the way.

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