9 Weeks In, 19 pounds down

Today I am feeling rather emotional. It's been a hard week, lots of hormonal roller-coastering and leaking(crying, which I hate doing) There are some days when all I can do is sit on my couch and think of how much I would like to eat nachos, cupcakes, pasta, basically anything bad for me. I resist, because I know that my body is just looking for a way to ease stress. My daughters must have some form of esp because they always seem to know when I am feeling down, they come and ask for hugs and tell me they love me, those babies are amazing!

I'm feeling kind of dried out, so I am going to increase my fluids to feel more hydrated. Plus, water makes your body work, right?

Ready for a before and after??? It's amazing, really.

Me, February 13th, 2010
February 2010

Me, July 14th, 2010
July 2010

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Anonymous said...

This post randomly came up in 'you might also like'.... wow, I love pictures where you can SEE the difference even when you can't necessarily feel it. Our mind plays tricks on us sometimes with losses, but the proof is here.

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