Mean, Mean Workout Machine

When I added workouts to me new life plan I thought I would A.) HATE them, all through school I despised gym glass. I have no hand eye coordination and all the sports they made us play just showcased my incredible badness. B.) Give up and decide that exercise was just not my cup of tea. However, some surprising things have come about in the last four weeks.
1.) I am sleeping better, more restful sleep, not as tired during the day...
2.) I want to exercise, when I go three or four day without exercising I start to feel rotten.
3.) I feel better in my skin, my balance has improved and my body does not seem as sluggish.
4.) My clothes seem to fit better, even when the pound difference is not that significant.

My tri-weekly workouts generally consist of 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, which has a glute program that is literally kicking my butt! 15 minutes of weights, I use 10 pound hand weights, bands and a weight machine with a leg press(which is like heaven) and then i finish up with about 10 minutes of streching and yoga poses which help me relax and get my heart rate back down. Additionally, doing the Yoga at the gym is much more relaxing than doing it at home, its loud at my house!

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