He Sleeps Again!

Last night was the first night since Sunday that Squirt went to sleep before 4am.

(Pause for applause)

We went to bed at midnight and didn't wake up to eat until after 7am, praise Jesus!

I feel much more sane and a little less like the mommy beast I was becoming. So tonight, to apologize to the munches for my bad attitude of late, we are going to play outside with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. It's their favorite thing ever and I'm looking forward to wearing them all out with tons of fresh air and running around. Squirt and I will be chilling on a blanket under our new outdoor umbrella and I should have a bunch of great photos tomorrow.

On the diet front I'm doing alright, keeping it right around 2200 calories (the required amount for my "nursing momma" status) and trying to include tons of water and fiber. Still sitting at 185, but all in all, that's not bad for having just had a baby. My clothes still don't fit well because of the post baby belly bloat. Oh well, I'll get there.

Muck Ruckus News: I may be team-less, again. One of the team members is newly pregnant, another may not be in town and a third cannot drive herself. I'm going to try to arrange car pooling but I may be going it alone again, a team of one. Had a I realized that I'd be flying solo I might have decided that it wasn't really worth it and waited to do it next year rather than pushing myself so soon after having had this baby.  Such is life, I'm going to push through and make my girls proud.

Someday I hope they'll say, "My Mom is so cool, she makes crafts, bakes, changes tires and does charity runs. She's a nifty lady with lots of skills and she loves me a lot" We'll see

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