So Little To Do

and so much time to get it done.

wait, strike that, reverse it.

GAH! I am headed into the busiest period of my life. no foolin.

May12: Baby shower - make cake and presents happen
May 19: Muck Ruckus - pain, beer, mud and hamburgers
May 26: Bachelorette Party - being a bridesmaid has it's obligations
June 2: Wedding - I have no way to tabulate the amount of things I have left to do for this.
June 9- July 7: Teaching Saturday classes.
July 13-15: Farm weekend with Mutti, Felix and the rest of the family.
Two Week Break (But let's be honest, I'll find something I have to do)
Aug 3: Pumpkin's Birthday
Aug 10: Jeeves Birthday

Writing it out that way makes my brain hurt. Also, Pumpkin is going to start school in the fall, she is excited, I'm terrified. What if my happy quirky little girl gets hurt by some jerk kid and she stops being happy and becomes a withdrawn sad kid instead. I'm having premature mommy freak out.

This morning I avoided a breakfast sandwich and instead ate a cup of yogurt in my office for breakfast. I'm getting back to the habits that helped me lose before, things like portion control and saying no to junk. I had a realization, One doesn't become fat by eating three meals a day. You can certainly stay fat that way, depending on what you are choosing to eat, but if eating normal portions of most foods, and preparing meals that have nutritional value, one is not going to become super huge. It's the snacking and eating when you are not hungry, at least it is for me. I wanted chips last night, but chips are one of those trigger foods for me. As soon as I start eating them I develop gustatory amnesia, My stomach forgets that it has eaten and I begin a campaign to fill a void that isn't there. I feel hungry, but how could I be. I've inhaled more calories than bear preparing for hibernation.

I didn't eat after 8pm last night, dinner was late because lunch had been late. I didn't get to bed until after 1pm (Squirt was having a rough time) so I didn't eat for 5 hours before getting to bed, I think I remember reading somewhere that not eating before going to sleep is important. Sleeping is important, water is important, moving is important, food choice is important and when you achieve balance with all of those things, you start losing weight, I'm on the road to balance.

Random Fact: When a protein bar label says "crunchy," is it almost always a lie.


safire said...

You are definitely balancing a lot of things on your plate! Good luck with everything!

Ana Lyman said...

I feel the same way as you do: my little Tom Sawyer is going to Kindergarten in September too, and I am freaking out while he is so totally chill about it! And I have the same mean kid worries as you :(

I'm trying to get my mind/body to realize when it's hungry and when it's just bored eating. I'm learning that loosing weight is just as much mental as it is physical!

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