Felix to the Rescue!

My brother is hilarious and kind and a really good daddy to my super cute niece an nephew. Today, he is also my favorite guy in the world because he still plans on joining my team for the Muck Ruckus, so even if I the rest of the team isn't there, I'll have my little bro, keeping pace with me and helping haul my rear out of mud pits. This also means we'll have a huge welcome party at the finish line, Mutti, Jeeves, the Munches, Brit, Rhys, Livvie.

I'm going to go ahead with the after party at my house. We'll have a family BBQ and I'll make mud pie and mudslides. After trekking five miles through muck we will have earned it.


Last night was another night of no sleep, though it was Jeeves' fault not Squirts. Squirt was just fine, Jeeves didn't leave the house till after midnight and then came home at 6:30 and woke me up. So I got up and came in to work (gahhhh) anyway I'm sitting at my desk trying to get motivated and in walks Mutti, who says, "What's wrong with you, you look terrible." (thanks ma) Any notion that I might not look as bad as I feel, completely out the window. (sheesh)

So now I'm sleepy and self conscious.


I need a mulligan for this week

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Cynthia said...

sorry, man. I might be there but I didn't know when I signed up that my boyfriend would be moving to Bismarck and I might not have another weekend open to visit him besides that one... if I don't go see him then, we'll go 2 months between visits. :(

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