Holy Radio Silence Batman!!!

Alright I've been gone for awhile so here's a short rundown of my last three months

2/2/14: Got fired from my job
2/3/14: got depressed and watched TLC for two weeks
2/14/13: I'm too broke to afford valentine's day!
3/17/14: Saint Patty's Day Parade with munches
4/6/14: Ran a quarter of a marathon - plan to do it again.
4/14/14: Found a new job
4//20/14: Easter with the family
4/21/14: Started New Job.

I'm going to try because I'm fat again and I miss everyone, but let's be honest, it's hard.



Ana Lyman said...

((hugs)) it is hard! And you are amazing. Hey, I'm overdosing on TLC's What Not to Wear re-runs now.

Julie said...

It's very hard and I don't even have kids at home any more except now it's the aging ill parents and a 97 year old grandma. So that means no time at home and my house looks like it.
My body has gotten fat again because I don't have time to do anything but take care of others however there will be a time and than I'll fret about it, until that I'll just do what I can.
And I am sure that is what you are doing also, just what you can and let the Lord worry about the rest.
Take care and God Bless!!

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