Missouri Walmart = Inner Peace?

I physically need to window shop.

I realized this over the weekend when I was stuck indoors and unable to get out until about 9:30 Tuesday morning. It was rough few days. Then yesterday before I went home I stopped by the store to buy formula and some running shoes and found myself aimlessly walking through the store, unwilling to leave because being up and walking and not looking at the same 6 rooms was a lovely break from the winter sequestration that had been my reality.

I felt so much better after 45 minutes of movement that I nearly cried when i finally got back out to the car. I didn't buy much but the feeling of being alone, not at home, not at work and moving around was so calming, so apparently wandering around Walmart is part of my Zen.

Who knew.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Just getting away is a blessing. Enjoy your time alone when you get it.

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