My Try's

Oh friends, how I have neglected thee!

I have been as busy as a one armed paper hanger (did any of your mothers every use that analogy?)

But as the year comes to a close, I find myself missing the camaraderie of blogging and the connections I have made with so many of you lovely folks.

So I am going to return to blogging, hopefully on a more than once a month basis as I now have about 35 pounds to lose, 2 girls scout troops to manage, and a quarter of a marathon to run in April.

I was reminded last week by one of my cousins who reads the blog (hi Jen!) that I have people out there who care about my ramblings and are heartened by the real life non-sense I share here in this forum.

So with my brand new camera, a membership to the gym and a tablet for at home blogging, I am just about ready to do 2014 up right.

I figured a good way to start would be to make a list of things I want to do this year. so here are my Trys, because I don't like the finality of a resolution and really I am trying my best, so here's what I am trying to do this year.

1. Lose the 35 pounds that I have gained over the last 2.5 years.
2. Complete training for the quarter marathon.
3. Have dates with my babies, one each month.
4. Date my husband.
5. Go apple picking in the fall
6. Attend Brew-fest with Erin (awww-yeah)
7. Do up Halloween big.
8. Host a Thanksgiving meal at my house.
9. Make Christmas Cookies
10. Go swimming more.
11. Build a fire pit and pergola in my yard
12. complete the 52 week money challenge.
13. Do the Mud Run event for the MS society (if they have it)

I'll eventually make a page to track these things, as well as the 5 pounds incentives I am going to be giving myself as I lose each increment.


Sarah G said...

Those are very realistic, doable goals! You can do it!

Ana Lyman said...

Hey lady! I have missed you, and I have missed blogging myself! I am rooting for you to complete your goals with sass and style :) You've got this!

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