I Have a Body by Baby

Today my temporary baby storage facility is being featured on one of my very favorite blogs. The Beer Bitch is my hero and she makes me smile and having my bod and some of my story featured on her blog is the shit. If you have a free moment and want to take a look, leave a comment, laugh hysterically at my crazy inch long stretch mark that didn't get the "below the belt" memo....here is the link


Hope everyone is having a good Monday  it's a little shitsville around here today, but I'm sure the massive amounts of carbs I'm about to consume in the form of a cheese coated bagel are going to turn that all around.

Or make me need a mid-mid-morning nap even more.


ilikebeerandbabies.com said...

Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

Because I am SLOW, I didn't realize #4 was on its way! Congrats, girlie :D

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