Baby Love #2: Sunshine Girl

It's no secret that I'm a momma. I love my babies to pieces and in the great hush before the storm that having 4 kids will undoubtedly be, I'm feeling nostalgic, and emotional and in love with my babies (well okay, my baby and two Big Girls, they hate it when I call them my babies.)

I find my self spending great amounts of time just being with them, soaking up all of them, the things that make them, them.

My Sunshine Girl: My 2nd Baby
Reagan 2-12
When I started this blog, my younger daughter had the nickname Booger. I called her Booger-butt from the time she was born. I've also called her Rotabega, Reaggi-Roo, and now I call her my Sunshine girl

She was born in 2008 with a great big snort. She hadn't even fully cleared the hatch yet when she had us all giggling because of the great big snort. She is such an energetic little thing and lord is she tiny, so skinny that i have to alter every pair of pants I buy because they just slide right off her tiny little tush.

She loves rainbows and for the longest time she had never seen a real one in the sky, so I made her a crocheted rainbow blanket while I was pregnant with her brother and in the last year it has become one of her most prized possessions. When someone is sick or cold she will sometimes offer it to comfort them, and she wraps up in it each night like it will keep all the bad things away.
Boy can she talk! Sometimes her brain gets ahead of her ability to make words come out and she gets caught on skip, saying the same words over and over again. As soon as someone she hasn't seen in a while comes into the house she pounces, telling them all about the three special steps to saying prayers, and how to dance like a princess and how after the summer it's time for her to go to school but she wants to take bananas and apples for lunch every day because she wants to be healthy. Occasionally she talks so much we have to beg for a few minutes of quiet because she just keeps going, rapid fire, like if she pauses the world might stop turning.

Occasionally she will still crawl her bony little body into my lap and fall asleep and those moments are ever so precious, her warm little limbs all curled around me reminds me of the tiny snorting little thing I brought home five years ago.

She's almost 5, so Happy Early Birthday Sunshine Girl!
You'll never know dear, how much I love you.

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