Happy Birthday Sunshine Girl!

Five years ago today, I woke up in the middle of the night in labor with Sunshine, she came fast; with a few pushes and a big snort! Since then she has been a spinning, dancing, singing whirlwind with blond curls and blue eyes and the boniest knees I've ever seen. She makes up words and tries like hell to get everyone to laugh along with her when she is in a good mood. She is a beautiful little girl, though being 4 has been a bit trying for her emotionally. There is a lot of crying and whining and "It's not fair!!!" at our house these days. She is hilarious and often asks questions like, "Mommy why is blue?" or "Mommy why should kids never jump up and down and hold dogs?" (wait, what?)

For her birthday this year, she wants a Pizza Birthday. Pizza Street has a party room, arcade and face painting/balloon artist on Tuesdays, so tonight her party is going to include her favorite "spot pizza," cake, ice cream, soda, video games and a balloon hat. In lieu of party favors we are going to give each kid about 3.00 in game tokens and let them play until they are gone. The restaurant has soft serve ice cream on the buffet, so we will probably make some cupcakes to take along. Maybe I'll even get industrious and make pizza themed cupcakes, we'll see.

I bought her a new dress and some shoes and we are getting her a "big girl" bed for her birthday. Then this summer I am working on a quilt with her name on it for her new bed. Since I'm doing one for each girl, I'll probably finish them in time for Christmas gifts. Apart from a bed and new clothes, she is getting a new booster seat for the car, probably a toy and some preschool books that she can practice numbers and letters with, which will undoubtedly be her favorite thing because she wants so badly to go to school. In fact turning five is not nearly as exciting as when it will be "Reaggie School Time" as she calls it.

I'll post a bunch of photos tomorrow so you can see our pizza celebration!

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