Happy Birthday Doodle!

So, this is a day late, because well yesterday I was busy, with a work and a dentist appointment and a baby birthday party, I was way too busy to have a migraine (totes did, dammit)

So my Doodle bug turned one yesterday.
OMG, lookit that bebe smile!!!!
We bought a few Camouflage decorations and plates and things because we thought it fit him really well. I may not have mentioned it before but my doodle baby has the funniest crawl. He uses one foot and one arm and scoots his other leg underneath of himself  He looks like a wounded warrior, so we have also taken to calling him Lieutenant Dan (10 bonus points if you get the reference.)

So I made a big pot of pasta and red sauce, some Alfredo as well, a salad and some yummy bread from the bakery at Walmart. (btw, the bakery at Walmart has amazing bread, we had Parmesan cheese bread sticks and everything french bread with our dinner, and it's all gone.) Anyway we all ate until we felt like we would explode and then got down to the party part of the event.

Hmmm, cake you say?

I could like this, yeah, it's okay...

Wait, why is it all over my hands?

Seriously, get this shit off me!

He never really made the mess we expected, but he was getting sleepy, so I gave him a quick sink bath and he got his presents. A train toy from Mommy and Daddy, some clothes and a cup from Pa-pa and grannie Rose, and a car seat from Grannie. All in all a good first birthday party. We tend to do smaller first birthdays in our family, it just makes sense to me.

I can't believe it has been a whole year, it's flown by and been amazing and wonderful. My life is inexplicably sweeter now that this tiny guy is part of it. I find myself feeling calmer and more loving and paying more attention to the moments that run away from me as the time flies by.

He is so funny, and has such a remarkable sense of humor. He knows that things are funny and he does them with the intention of making us laugh and when he gets a laugh he has the hugest grin on his face, like, "Score I'm Funny!" He is into everything and when he hears the word no, he waits to see if it's a real no or a passing one. He'll stand really still and slowly reach back toward whatever it is to see if you are going to get up and come re-direct him. And as soon as he sees you coming eh plops down and takes off in the other direction.

He's also a lovey little man. He gives these great big hugs, with his arms around your neck and everything. He kisses your face with big open mouth slobbery baby kisses and does them European style with one drooly kiss on each cheek. He loves his Momma, and now he'll say Momma when he is crawling through the house looking for me. He plays hide and seek with me and when he finds me he giggles and crawls even faster to come in for a hug.

I'm so glad he is a part of my life.
Doodle Face!


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Julie said...

Forest Gump....I knew.
I couldn't see any pictures, just spots where they should be.
Happy birthday to Doodle.

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