Well before it was probably appropriate for me to have seen it, I became a fan of a movie from 1988 called Bull Durham. I was only 5 when this movie was released and probably 11 the first time I watched it. My family has this remarkable gift for one liners and this movie provided more than most. "from what I hear, you couldn't hit water if you feel out of a fucking boat." Thanks Crash.

I have a soft spot in my heart for comedy, baseball movies and Kevin Costner, so this quickly became one of my all time favorite flicks. It's a baseball movie about a small town team and a veteran catcher trying to help a young dummy find his way into the majors. It's funny and raunchy and just awesome really.
Anyway, another bit of life wisdom  came from this movie which I feel is applicable at this point in this endurance test known as baby baking.

At one point in the movie, two of the main characters, Annie and Crash are having an argument about whether or not it is bad luck to get laid while on a winning streak. Crash says, "if you believe you are winning because you are getting laid, or because you are not getting laid, or because you wear women's under pants, then you are!". Suggesting that the reasons for the streak are as much in your head as having to do with anything else in the world.

I believe this applies to morning sickness.

No really, stick with me for a minute. When I was baking Pumpkin and Sunshine, and I felt ill, I would eat lunch meat  and it would help. (Make sense?: no) While I was pregnant with Doodle all I wanted was Mint Oreo flavored ice cream and I felt awesome, it would settle my stomach like nobodies business. (not the same as before, weird  Now, with this sea monkey I am trying to locate the thing that makes me feel better, but it is eluding me.

I have spoken to lots of mothers to be as well as mothers of multiple kids and found that everyone has a different thing that helped to settle their stomach when they felt sick.
Cheese-it's dipped in peanut butter
Tropicana fruit juice
Wendy's Frosty's
rice and beans

Seriously the list keeps going.

My point is if you think that eating tuna on donuts, or a jolly rancher shoved inside a pickle, or a bacon milkshake helps you get over morning sickness, then it does!

What were your weird things?


AlmostGastricBypass said...

Used to watch Susan Sarandon in the tub at the end, over and over. Think I almost got the dog pregnant watching that with me one afternoon in the eighties..Oh, I see,.. never mind

Laura Belle said...

Pickles and milk.

Why does that sound good?!?! I just don't understand this craving thing.

Julie said...

Grape juice and slim Jim's. That was what worked for me. However I just had Mike and didn't know if this was normal or just made me feel good. All I know is Jim would drive me from work to Deerwood every day to make it so I could survive.
Hope you get past this point soon. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Sarah G said...

Mcdonalds happy meal cheese burgers were the only thing I could eat with getting sick after for a while when I was pg w/ the twins. Taking b6 & unisom at night helped a little too.

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