What the Hell...

It's been said that I can't keep a secret to save my blessed life, so why keep trying.

My lack of posting for the last week or so has been due to a recent development that tends to encompass one's entire life.

Here's the thing:
Yes, that is what you think it is, a six week old blob with a heart beat.

In October 2013, new baby ninja will be making it's debut.

I'm hoping for another boy, but Sunshine really wants a girl, so we'll see who gets their wish. I've never said it before but after we are done with this baby, I'm done having babies. I'm 30 and I am ready to be finished with the baby having part of my life.

I am still planning on doing the marathon, but training has been hard while dealing with the exhaustion and morning sickness this time around. I hope things get better, if not Erin (who is rocking the training) will just have to leave me behind and I'll finish on my own, waaaaaaay later.


Sarah G said...

Wow! Congratulations!

safire said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm terrible at keeping secrets. I always have to tell at least my sister and boyfriend haha :)

This is wonderful news.

Darcy Winters said...


Julie said...

Congrats my dear. A new one on it's way. Just be sure to take care of yourself and rest when you can. You'll be one super busy mama on top of everything so just take it a day at a time.

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