Yesterday our little corner of the mid-west got a fair sized dumping of frozen white stuff. The ninja family stayed inside, out of cold and weathered the storm in our pajamas. It was Pumpkin's first official snow day, I sort of wanted to write about it in her baby book. *nostalgia*

School was out today too so I slept in, and came in late to the office. It was nice, except for the whole tromping through the snow, having to use an ancient broom to clean off the car and freezing my butt off.

Yesterday I made food to sustain us through the snowstorm. I made a pot of spaghetti noodles, mixed in butter, Parmesan cheese and garlic and then cooked some chicken breasts with marinara sauce. It was like something you'd eat at Olive Garden, so remarkably good. I ate too much and am still paying for it. It seems like my stomach is getting less tolerant of being over full. If I eat several small meals through the day I feel great. but one big meal and I want to die for 9 hours.

I have nothing going on this weekend, which I'd like to believe will turn into getting lots of things done around the house, but lets be honest, that probably wont happen. What is likely is that I'll spend the whole weekend in my pajamas watching NCIS and Criminal Minds re-runs, eating ramen noodles for breakfast and cereal for dinner and then freaking out on Sunday night when I remember that no one has any clean matching clothes to wear to school/work on Monday 

Yep, I'm winning at life.

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