I may or may not have mentioned that i am training for a half marathon in April. I have 8 weeks to go and have, up to this point, been a little lax in the training.

It's a problem.

So, I found an 8 week training program, it's rather ambitious  but if I can do it, I will hopefully come out at the end ready to roll and kick this 13 miles in the ass. Here's hoping.

The training program is kinda cool, and it starts in earnest next Monday but I'm going to do the weekend runs this weekend, to not break the momentum I've set up.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Walk,Run,Walk different distance every week, but a starting with a slower walk, then a short run, then a power walk.

Wednesday: Elliptical! for 45 mintues (b t-dubs, i love the elliptical, hello butt shaping.)

Thursday : Easy Run

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Walk, Run, Walk

Sunday: Long Run, starting at three miles next week and increasing by 1.5 miles each week until the race day.

I'm tired after just typing it, this is gonna be rough.

1 comment:

safire said...

Super excited to hear about your upcoming race! Good luck with training :)

Have a great weekend

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