Name Change

I had been calling my little guy Squirt for a long time and in the past few months he has developed a new nickname at home that translated pretty well here too. So without further ado.

God, this kid is cute!

This nickname came about in a general progression of nickname changes, as happens with all of my children.
1. Daniel
2. Danny
3. Danny-dude
4. Danny-doodle
5. Doodle Bug
6. Doodle
Even sick, he's happy!

and now there are all sorts of variations
baby doodle
doodle pants
doodle-y doo
doodle man
Doodle Smiles

The Girls and I built a snowman on Sunday.
Mommy did all the work

and because we live in Missouri, the next day it looked like this...

How the mighty have fallen

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I love the new nickname! The pictures aren't behaving for me, though. Drat!

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