Week 37: Dropping the Bomb!

So, yesterday while at the local gas station procuring a bottle of apple juice and some diet Pepsi, I was surprised by a loud barking laugh. I looked around and noticed a man standing about three feet from leering at my stomach like it was actually boobs.

The conversation went like this.
Creepy Dude: "Wow, you're almost there huh?"  indicating the belly with his newspaper.
Me: "yep" inching toward the counter.
Creepy Dude: "About to 'Drop the bomb', eh?" dude totally did air quotes around drop the bomb!!!
Me: "mm-hm" I turned and walked away.
I saw no point in politely segue-ing out of the conversation since I
a. did not start the conversation
b. have no interest in maintaining good manners with creepy inappropriate lechers in the Quik Trip.

It's week 37, I am now considered full term, little man could make his appearance any day now, it's the 21 day countdown. He's just basically gaining weight and kicking me in the kidneys for the next however many days.

I went to Physical therapy and it's official I have a strained adductor muscle which hasn't healed properly because of limping from sciatica. My hips are slightly out of alignment and the therapist who specializes in women's health gave me a group of stretches and exercise to complete to help with the discomfort and some suggestions for when I'm in labor, i.e. flat on my back is not a good idea. Yay, I have a reason to demand a partially sitting position or side lying delivery. The munches have been doing the exercises with me and I've got them rolling tennis balls on my inner thigh to help massage the tight muscles.

Last night I started having some painful Braxton Hicks contractions, so I drank a big cup of water and laid down and they stopped, I was getting a little worried because I'm not quite ready yet, but in reality it could be any day now.  This morning I straightened the kitchen and put in a load of laundry. If the baby comes tomorrow I want the munches to have lots of clean clothes and whoever is with them to be able to navigate my house without stepping on Lucky Charms or Strawberry Shortcake toys. I tend to balk at induction if there is no medical reason so I'm just sort of waiting now....


Miss April said...

Creepy, tacky and gross! Glad you just walked away. WHO SAYS THAT!?!

Amanda said...

Eeeew eeeew eeeew!!!! I'd have walked away quickly myself. Folks like that just squick me out.

And I hear you on the induction bit. I figured natural labor was best assuming I could get there. It took me awhile (I swear I felt like the Most Pregnant Woman Ever), but they both eventually arrived, LOL.

Sarah G said...

I had an inescapable conversation with a grocery store bagger who convinced herself on my belly size alone that I had to be having twins when I was pregnant with my first. No I was just a week away from delivering a 9 lb 6 oz singleton and I'm only 5'1".

Take it easy, he'll be here in his own time. :)

Erin said...

As an option on the "whoever" I appreciate clean clothing.

safire said...

What a CREEPER! Ugh.

Julie said...

It's getting so close to time, I'm getting excited......well I've been excited. Creepy people need to stay away from PG people, not nice at all.
Take care and have a blessed evening.
P.S. I hope the exercise and stretches help ease the pain.

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