The laundry that is. It's funny to me that I will likely not do another load of laundry until after my son is born. The munches have drawers full of clean clothes and now they are well versed in getting themselves dressed without much more than a reminder to put on clean undies. They even put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket, SCORE! All of Squirt's stuff is clean and put away and my clothes are also clean, not quite away yet, but that is on the docket for when I get home today.

This remarkable winter has made for plenty of chances to get the Christmas crap out of my office and into the shed, however the schedule and sleepiness of my hubby mean that I still have an office full of rubber-made tubs. . I'm still hoping it will happen before the baby comes. If not I will end up doing it myself, after the baby comes, because I am impatient and don't want to wait on Jeeves. I hate being so pregnant that I don't have a choice.

Also done: the Robot Quilt that Mutti made for Squirt. She brought it in to me at work today, and I'm in love with. I'll get a photo when I get home and probably post it tomorrow, it's so awesome. Now she's working on an embroidered name hanging for the wall above squirt's bed. I have some fun decorations I'd like to make but my sewing machine is currently inaccessible (see Christmas crap issue above) so I have to wait.

Still not eating much and sticking mostly to liquids and soups, but I did discover that hummus with Pita bread cucumbers and tomatoes is both yummy and satisfies the hunger and manages to not fill me up to the point of discomfort. It's got good dietary fiber and some protein. Plus, when I make it myself the calories are way down because I tend to omit the olive oil and swap in a few teaspoons of lo-cal sour cream instead.

Alright, I'm busy and lunch hour is over, I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with some pictures of cute baby stuff and a story about a clean office...we'll see.


Amanda said...

Hail the queen of gestational organization! Hat's off to you. And hummus is awesome.

safire said...

You sound super on top of things. Good luck with everything xoxo

als said...

Good for you! Sounds like the whole family is ready for the Squirt - way to go! :D

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