Stuff and Things

I had a full weekend, it was full of fun and full of other stuff too.

On Friday I found out right before heading out to a party that one of the women I've worked with, a young lady similar in age to myself who had been receiving services at my place of work for about 8 years, passed away. She was hilarious and will be missed however, I'm happy that now she is probably looking at the wonders of heaven and running and singing. I was blessed to know her.

Then I went out to a piano bar for Erin's birthday. Now, I'm really, really pregnant so I was not the life of the party, but the hummus was yummy and we had fun listening to piano versions of "Moves like Jagger" and some hip hop stuff that I didn't know very well. Erin jumped up on the piano at one point and the musician played her a really raunchy birthday serenade. I've decided that sometime, sans person inside of me, I need to head back there. I feel like a few beers and I'd have been singing along a lot more than I was.

Saturday was a whirlwind. We took the girls to saturday school and saw Pumpkins kindergarten school, rode on the bus, met the principal and had a snack in the cafeteria. Apparently she is going to be reading and writing at the end of kindergarten, I don't think that's how it happened 23 years ago, but times change. Then we went to Wendy's for lunch, ToysRUs for a surprise toy purchase for the girls and then to YoMyGoodness for a sweet treat. We got our taxes done and found out that we moved into a new tax bracket, (damn raises) and are not getting back nearly as much as we'd have liked from our federal return. (Bummer City)

Then dinner, playing with munches and not cleaning the house ensued for the rest of the evening. Which then lead to oversleeping on Sunday and not making it to church or doing any of the things I planned on getting done, including a round of cooking. Oh, Well maybe I'll do some this week while getting other things done.

Oh, and the Baseball outfit is done, here is a pic of the finished product.
Varsity Squirt
Happy Monday

I'm off to drink some lunch and try to make myself believe my slim fast and coffee is actually a mocha milkshake, wish me luck


Amanda said...

SlimFast... bleaurgh!!!

The outfit is adorable, though :)

Erin said...

Thanks for coming out! And you looked gorgeous!

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