Week 36: More Photos, More Preparations, More Me

Good morning everyone! I'm 36 weeks today and in 7 days, this child will be considered "full term" which means that at any point in the next 2-4 weeks, the baby countdown clock will hit zero and I'll be harboring the alien no longer. (Can I get an amen!)

We took some more maternity photos yesterday and the photographer sent me a preview of some of the edited shots. I'll share, cause I'm cool like that. She is doing these photos free of charge because I've given her permission to use them on her web-site. Jeeves and the munches are in lot of this round and I'll be able to share more of them when she gives me the CD with all of the pictures loaded on it. Also, free of charge.
The Photographer says I "don't look pregnant"...right...
Behind us are some super pretty cameo-style pictures my SIL made for me, love her!
Lookit how pretty my girls are! Love these babies!
Squirt, continues to grow, put pressure on my lady business and generally make me uncomfortable. I've had about 10 "real" contractions, you know, the one's that hurt. But they are spread over the last week so I'm not concerned at this point. He's starting to shed the covering of lanugo and lose more of the monkey hair that has covered his tiny little body for the past few months. He's head down and getting ready to make his grand entrance.

Last Saturday we took the munches to the Hospital for a "Big Sibling" class. They colored pictures, talked about do's and don'ts when having a baby sister or brother, and practiced holding a baby using some life sized dolls. Then they got to stand outside the nursery and see a real new baby, look at how tiny he was, see his belly button and get an idea of what to expect. Lastly we went to one of the rooms where I'll be staying and see the place where they will meet their little brother for the first time. There are DVD players in the rooms, so the girls can bring some movies to watch and the rooms are big enough to accommodate a bunch of visitors. Both of the girls were super excited. We had such a fun day.

Outside the nursery, very excited about seeing the real baby.
The papers are certificates that the munches are now, "ready to be big sisters"
Mutti has been quilting for each of her grand-babies since Pumpkin arrived, so this time I got involved in the design process and asked for robots. Boy, am I excited! I get to wrap my little one up in what is going to be the coolest quilt evar! See the preliminary pictures, more when the whole thing is put together.
These match the print that will make up the back of the Quilt.
Okay, so enough pictures, for this week, I'm sure I'll have more to show next week as I have big-sister t-shirts and wall decorations for the nursery on the to-do list this week.


Miss April said...

So awesome. I remember when you made your little announcement to blogosphere and made you 'Baking' tab! Now look at you, so beautiful! Blessings!

Amanda said...

The picture are all wonderful, and I think my favorites are the two at the bottom of that sequence -- with you and the ice cream, and the girls with their hand prints :)

Almost there!!!

Sarah G said...

I can't wait for the squishy newborn pics! You look great btw!

als said...

You look fantastic, and those are great pics! The Big Sibling classes sound perfect, and it looks like everyone had a great time - beautiful family!

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