TV Dinners

Now that the laundry situation is just about in hand at the Casa de Ninja, I am turning my focus toward something more important but slightly lacking of late.

Cooking, (yeah I know "look at the blog title, this is supposed to be about cooking")

Post baby with the healing and nursing I anticipate about two weeks of not having the energy or motivation to cook for my self or the kiddos. With that in mind I have a plan. I am going to buy a few dozen pounds of chicken, ground turkey, eggs and various veggies to create some easy to heat and eat meals for after we bring Squirt home.

The munches really like peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese and hot dogs, so we'll have those on hand as per usual. They eat their PB&J on whole wheat bread and we add pureed veggies, carrot and cauliflower to the mac and cheese, so I don't feel like a terrible mother for feeding them these things.

Jeeves is great, but sometimes just getting him to boil water is challenging, I swear he thinks the stove won't work if I'm not physically in the house.But he can work the microwave like a pro so I'm going to make it easy on both of us. Here's the list so far, I have frozen and re-heated all of these things before so we know they come back well.
Pumpkin Pancakes
Homemade chicken nuggets
Spaghetti with ground turkey and pureed broccoli
Egg and Squash breakfast bake
Salsa Chicken with corn and brown rice.
"Parmesan" Chicken with pasta and red sauce.
Turkey and veggie meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans.

I've made my grocery list and addressed the lid and container situation in my plastic storage cabinet. I am ready. I had like 32 extra lids at the end of the bowls. Funny enough there were no bowls without lids left over. So after a rather fun lid Frisbee game all over the kitchen with the munches, we figured out which ones would be accepted by the recycling center and tossed the rest in the trash.

It's Friday and I need to go grocery shopping because thanks to only having one car and Jeeves having a stupidly busy schedule, I am going to be stranded at home for the next two days and if I don't buy some milk and pop tarts there may be an insurrection.


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Amanda said...

You're so well organized -- I am retroactively envious! But yeah, it pays to have everything ready to go. I remember the whole recovery phase. Then there was the Four Week Freakout, which is when all my adrenaline would finally have run out and I'd start to think that I would never, ever, be able to go to the bathroom without an observer again.

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