Week 35: Nesting with the Ninja

I've been hard at work getting my home ready for squirt to come home. Here are a few of the things I've been up to.

This is one of the photo props that Pinterest prompted me to try to recreate. The photo will be of squirt asleep on his belly with the hat on his head and the "turtle shell" on his back. I also did a quick diaper cover so no pampers are sticking out in the photo. The turtle stuff is sitting on an MS society pillow that will become my best friend as Squirt and I work out the nursing thing during the first few weeks. I love these soft, tiny Styrofoam bead filled pillows for nursing, they work perfectly.

And another. This will have more parts later, some booties and maybe a t-shirt. It depends on how time works out.
Still needs eyes. 
This is one of the blankets I started before I knew if it was a boy or girl. I is made with a really soft acrylic yarn that almost seems to shine. I love the colors.
With his teddy. 
This is Squirt's outfit for when he is baptized. I made the sweater and purchased the layette at Carter's. The child's only new outfit thus far as he has been blessed with lots of hand me downs. Next to it is my awesome clearance buy from Tar-geh last week. Two Swaddle blankets with Velcro to keep him snugly wrapped and help him sleep.

This is a photo on the new chest of drawers my Mutti and Gram found for me at the local salvation army. 35 bucks and the top converts into a changing table if I want it to. I sort of like the idea of storage though.

This is where I am sleeping now, to get used to sleeping in the nursery before little dude shows up. I already feel pretty much at home here, that quilt is one that Mutti and I made during the summer after I graduated from high school. It was on the bed in my dorm and now I'm sleeping with it again.
Why yes, that is my already packed hospital bag. 
This is his new car seat which we purchased from a friend at work along with a stroller and high chair for a hundred bucks. Not too shabby.

The Stroller.

Sunshine's Rainbow Blanket
I switched hook gauge partway through, can you tell?

Which she loves and has slept with every night since I finished it.
It covers her, me and Pumpkin, big blanket. 
And as promised, 35 week Belly. Once again freshly scrubbed face, but at least you all know I'm showering. I brushed my hair before I went to work, really, I did.
My kitchen is such a mess!

In week 35 for Squirt he's just getting bigger and finding himself more and more cramped in my less than accommodating mid section. His kidneys are now fully functioning and he's just about done baking. Things are moving along quite well.


Amanda said...

I'm so thrilled for you -- and you're incredibly on top of things, well done!

safire said...

So cute! I'm currently addicted to pinterest (I get so many amazing ideas there).

You are so talented!

Julie said...

And exactly when do you find time to knit or crochet? Your creations are so wonderful and my favorite is the monkey hat. I really love that.
You are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life and the growing wee one.
Take care and God Bless!!

Ana said...

Momma, you have been BUSY! Wow! I love the monkey hat, and the rainbow blankie--that melted my heart. I dub you "Super Mom" :D

als said...

Yay, Ninja! You're looking great! :D

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