Just Fat? & List Update

So, it's been hard for me to deal with the weight I have gained during this pregnancy. Hormones, sciatica, an affinity for nachos and the inability to battle fatigue sufficiently to cook meals has caused an 18 pound total gain. (Yes, I know, that's normal, even healthy, however I did not get there healthily, nachos remember?) Anyway I've been worried for the past few months that I don't look pregnant. I worry that people see me and just think I'm another pudgy girl. (and realistically, why would they care? at 203 I'm not big enough to attract stares, even if I was this weight sans person growing inside of me.) Add the waddling to that mix and any degree of "pregnant cute" has gone out the window. I feel like one of those metal guys from the 5th element movie.
Mondoshawans... anybody....anybody.....
I need to stop it.

I have packed my bag for the hospital and with 33 days left I am getting ready to go, basically any time. It's my third, doc says he's gonna show up early and I'm basically ready, well as ready as you can be. 

For the rest of this week, in between cleaning and organizing, I'm going to be crafting up a storm. I have a few sibling t-shirts that I want to make for the munches, some thrift-ed t-shirts to convert into nursing covers and burp cloths and a few more small pieces to crochet for my little guy, some booties, a baseball hat and something with about 4/5 of a skein of really pretty moss green yarn.

Update on the "Getting Ready for Baby Lists"

On the Have-to list:
-Get the bassinet from Mom's house - done
-Recover the cushions on the rocking chair - done
-Move the Christmas stuff out to the shed.
-Pack the hospital bag - done
-Get work stuff ready for maternity leave -in progress
-Nursery Shopping: Lamp, bed skirt, clothing storage (done) and heater (don't need)
-get baby clothes organized and put away. - done
-take the munches shopping for a gift for their new brother
-get gifts for the munches, from the baby brother.
-get rid of excess crap - toys, highchair, car seat, dresser

On the Want-to list:
-finish Squirt's christening outfit.- done
-make nursing shirts. -done, but purchased, not made, yeah, I'm a slacker
-stock freezer with ready to heat/eat meals. -Erin has suggested an awesome way to get this done, cooking party!!! To be scheduled  for after next payday.
-make Munches Easter dresses. -probably going to buy these, I found some that I really like.
-do another office organization, last one Jeeves, I promise.
-make Robot rag quilt.
-make nursery decorations
-make hats and misc stuff for newborn photos. (pinterest is the devil) -done


safire said...

Good luck with everything! I wonder how I'll be when I get pregnant too. I'm sure you look fine!

Amanda said...

I put on 40-60 pounds with each of my pregnancies -- you're doing wonderfully!

Losing It said...

Dude, I get the "is she pregnant or just fat?" stares all the time. It's like, hello? Do stomachs normally protrude like this!?

18lbs with nachos is a victory. Don't beat yourself up. Easy to say, I know. But still, don't do it!

Julie said...

Slim Jim's and grape juice, that was what I ate the whole time I was PG. You my dear are beautiful and will lose all you gained and more with the determination you have. Don't fret, just enjoy being PG. I only got to do it once (I would of done many times if possible) and have so loved reading what you've done all along. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with me/us.
Take care my dear and have a blessed afternoon.

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