I lost

My appetite and 2 pounds in the last week. It's not ideal, but with the baby still sitting so high I feel like anything I eat just sits in my throat and I'm not hungry enough to want to go through that. I think Doc is going to yell at me tomorrow, but what can ya do? If this keeps up, I may end this pregnancy under 200 pounds after all. That was my goal, have a third child and stay under 200. I was at 185 when I found out he was coming and have now gained a total of 18 pounds, which is normal and healthy.

You know that deal where you shouldn't eat for however many hours before going to bed. Something about snacking before sleeping being a hindrance to weight loss and such? The amount of time varies depending on who is giving the advice, but is usually 2 hours or more. I find that this is not an issue for me. The heartburn is severe enough that most days I stop eating at around 5 and go to bed around 10 to reduce the reflux. I think this is also helping me not gain, because I have a hard time eating when I first get up; so lunch and dinner are my only "real" meals and they are typically small.

In Munch news the girls are feeling better and have now been sleeping in their own room, in their own beds for over a week. We are still working out the bed time routine, they are a little miffed that I'm not going to bed at the same time as them. But we are getting there, and I'm confident that they will be very happy to not be woken up by Squirt every time he wakes up and needs to eat. They can tell it's getting close and they talk about him more and more. Such sweet little girls I've got. I finished some new baby projects so I'll give you a new look at the nursery, baby stuff, and other things tomorrow when I do the week 35 update. I'll try to get a picture of the belly too, since you got jipped last week.


Amanda said...

So glad the girls are feeling better! And yeah, that heartburn stuff is the pits.

Allan said...

more belly porn yay

Julie said...

Glad the girls are feeling better and I don't think losing right before delivery is bad, not sure but I lost some too. For Mike I gained 10 lbs the full PG because I too didn't want to go over 200. Doing good there.
Take care and will love seeing pictures today. Blessings!!

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