Sorry Charlies

I know I said pictures today but yesterday a yummy dinner and an evening being crafty with Erin took precedence. Tomorrow, promise.

 Today I went to the doctor and am still only dilated to 1, but the Munches and Jeeves were at the appointment and the girls got to hear Squirt's heartbeat and charm the doctor a little. Everyone in the OB office kept saying how cute and polite they were, which just made my day. Anytime someone compliments my children on how polite and personable they are I get this rush of "I'm doing a good job" mommy mojo.

Then I went to the Physical therapist who had me run through my exercises and gave me another alignment fixer exercise that will hopefully ease some of the sharp stabbing pains in my pelvic area (Feel kind of like, help! someone has just thrown a ninja star at my lady parts!) She says that being a pregnant klutz is going to make it harder for the muscle to heal but completing the exercises twice a day and using heat and ice will put me on the road to running. I told her I feel like a broken moose, so here's hoping for healing. Another thing we did today was I spent about 20 minutes in a dark room with a monstrous heating pad on my adductor muscle, which (because it was dark and I'm pregnant) led to napping and I'm totes sure I was snoring when she woke me up, *face palm* (I'm just happy I didn't drool on her pillow, that would have been really embarrassing)

going to do the hummus/cucumber/tomato/pita thing for dinner again tonight, yum.

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Amanda said...

I do NOT envy you the third trimester. I first heard this from a comedienne, but it's true: by the end, I'd have had that kid through my nose if it would have made him come out more quickly!

Hang in there.

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