Wow...just, Wow

So I have to share the awesomeness that Jeeves and my Mutti heaped upon me this weekend. A pre-baby Moon of sorts.

Friday night our baby sitter volunteered to babysit the munches free of charge as a pre-baby surprise. So Jeeves and I went out for Mexican dinner and to see a play that my SIL was in at a local community college. It was a pleasant evening and I enjoyed having the time out with Jeeves, getting to spend some time with him sans kiddos was pretty excellent. Mutti wanted to have sleepovers with the munches so she came and picked up Pumpkin before we got home and so Sunshine, Jeeves and I spent some some time cuddling on the couch and then piled into the king sized bed for some sleep.

Saturday morning Jeeves told me I had plans, and Erin called to tell me that I needed to be dressed and ready to leave my house around 10:15. (I love surprises, so this just tickled me) She picked me up and our first stop was a new luxury Clean Spa, which offers a variety of services for feet including a medical based center that helps diabetics and those with walking issues to get the therapy and assistive shoes they need to get around better. The service I was there for was a zero gravity pedicure with a reflexology session (read: really, really fancy foot rub) Erin accompanied me and kept me company while the staff put a warm lavender neck wrap on and tilted back the zero gravity chair.


The lady put all sorts of potions and gunk on my feet, wrapped them in hot towels and then in thermal blankets and I sat there for about 20 minutes letting everything soak in. Then she came back and clipped, buffed, scrubbed and lotion-ed up my tootsies for about a half hour. Then the reflexologist came and did this magical foot rub that I can sort of still feel, and it's Monday. (for realz, I nearly fell asleep at one point.) Then the lady came back and painted my toenails, pretty blue to match my hospital jammies, since I'm having a boy and all.

Then we went out for lunch and had among other things a 4 cheese quiche and banana chocolate chip muffins which were sinfully good. After lunch I went home, took a nap, Erin came over and we ate yummy dinner and watched "the help" with Jeeves. Pumpkin came home but since Sunshine went with Mutti, Pumpkin spent the majority of the evening playing her video game without little sister interruptions, she was in heaven.

Sunday we did church and bible school, then Mutti kept both of the girls and Jeeves took me out to a historical candy shop where we had a treat and then we went for a matinee showing of "The Artist" at a historical theater in Saint Louis. The movie was not awesome, but the company and the popcorn were, so I'm not complaining.

All in all it was such a lovely and restful weekend. I have had several people comment on how much less tired and stressed I look now, which is either a very clever lie or a testament to the awesomeness of the weekend provided by Jeeves, Mutti and Erin. I feel very loved and spoiled today, it's not a bad feeling.

I'll leave you with a few pictures, I got the rest of my photo session back today, I love so much about these photos. 


safire said...

I love these photos like no other. You totally deserve to be spoiled and pampered and it sounds like you are surrounded by so much love and support :)

That's so important when it comes down to it. Have a lovely week.

Kelly said...

That is so awesome! And the pictures are beautiful!!

Christie said...

What a fantastic weekend! Who did your pics?

niki said...

hey i know those dresses the girls are wearing!!! i loved them on abbi and they look just a beautiful in them as do you and m is looking pretty darn dapper as well!!! love ya!!

Amanda said...

That last picture is just awesome :D

Julie said...

You really do have a great family. I so love your pictures you're shaing, thank you so much. I hope that you have a great week. Take care my friend! Blessings~

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