I'm a Thief

I stole a t-shirt idea from a website and made it myself. However I'm not selling it to anyone, so it's not so bad right?

I did the big sister t-shirts for the munches last night. I free handed the giraffes and then colored them with iron tranfer crayons. After doing the transfer, which due to the variation of wax on the paper,is always sort of a crap shoot, I decided I didn't like the way that looked so I broke out my tiny paint brush and fabric paints and filled in the colors.

What do you think?
Sunshine is a big sister too!
They love them and I'm going to make some more this week. Since the nursery "theme" is robots and we have a cute little robot shirt for Squirt I am going to make some for Sunshine and Pumpkin with robots on them as well.

I've got an appointment with the OB this afternoon, and then tomorrow I am going to the Physical Therapist to hopefully get some help for my suffering lower body. Happy Thursday!


Julie said...

I love these t-shirts. You are very creative. I love the list of do's and dont's for people, they still won't learn though.
You list of food you already have ready is awesome. I didn't even think that far ahead when I had Mike. You are one organized lady.
I love the pictures of the handprints on your tummy. So cool!!!
I'm sorry I haven't stopped by lately, I just don't have the energy or time right now but I am reading (you come right to my mailbox) but I can't let to many posts go by without saying something.
Take care and keep doing all the good you are. I can' wait to me the wee one.

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

Those are adorable!

Laura Belle said...

Too cute!

safire said...

Those tees are adorable! I love the color too :) Yellow is so IN!

TheFondueGoddess said...

you're not a thief ~ you're a ninja!

Those are way too stinking cute!

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