Invasion of the Pod Husbands

In the last two weeks Jeeves has been doing things that make me wonder if he is really the man I married. For the past 2 weeks he has been washing dishes, doing laundry, letting me nap, and generally being "that guy"

You know who "that guy" is, right?

The perfect husband to a pregnant lady, the one who makes other wives jealous.

With two sick babies and a case of the yucks myself I have never been more proud to be married to this blessing of a man.

He's amazing and I'm blessed. No pictures today, but I look like death so that probably for the best.


safire said...

Mr Ninja sounds like an amazing husband. You guys are so cute! :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and the kids feel better.

Mrs. D said...

That is too sweet!!! I know a few men that could learn a thing or two from Jeeves!!

Amanda said...

Hooray, Jeeves! Way to step up to the plate :D

Julie said...

YEAH for hubby. BOO for the yucks. YEAH that sunshine is getting better. BOO Pumpkin is sick. YEAH!!! it's Friday. Take care and get better. Blessings!!

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