What Do Your Children See?

I have become a life lesson book junkie. One of my recent finds is called "the Power of a Positive Mom" It's written by a christian lady who includes bible versus to make her point. It's been very instrumental in my change of attitude during the last week. One thing that struck me is a chapter called "the Power of a Smile" The author asks what your children see in their heads when they hear the word "mother" It occurred to me that more often than not mine were seeing a tired, haggard looking angry lady.

What the what? I love my girls, they are funny, and sweet, and fun to be with, and light up my world. Why shouldn't they see that in my face when I am with them? It's amazing how I open this book at all the right times, and it gives me bits of wisdom that are timely and very much needed. So more smiles, less complaining and love and logic. Hopefully this combo will result in happy well adjusted young ladies who may not always agree with their Mom, but know she loves them.

That's all for today, I'm headed back to the doctor tomorrow, so I'll have news the next time I write. The three hour blood glucose test came back just fine, I don't have gestational diabetes! Bring on the fudge!!!

Oh! Belly Pic. (Sorry I cut off my own head, but I am having an ugly face day.)

30 Week Belly Pic, isn't it lovely?


Sarah G said...

Love this, I'm going to try putting a positive attitude on my face too. :)

Amanda said...

I remember that stage -- I remember thinking I couldn't possibly get any bigger (although with #2 I knew very well I could, LOL).

Hang in :D

Julie said...

A baby, a baby...I can't wait to see a baby. I remember my time. I went from a timey 34" waist to a 56" waist. Haven't see 34" since.
Love the smiles...we all need them. Thanks for sharing your book.
Take care and have a blessed weekend!!

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