Up All Night

I'm in the middle of a pretty miserable cold/sinus bug, which has me leaking and coughing like no tomorrow. (note: it's hard enough to have normal sneezes when you are pregnant but this is uncalled for) It's remarkable that one head can produce this much snot, I must be losing brain matter at this point.

I helped Mutti with some grocery shopping last night and they had a new flavor of energy drink at the store, which I "just had to try" and that was a mistake. I had been avoiding caffeine after lunch time to help my body get ready for sleep and that habit change has apparently really worked. I used to be able to chug Mountain Dew and then sleep like a baby, but it's clear now that my body has enjoyed the stimulant vacation. I'll sleep well tonight for sure.

Jeeves and I were laying in bed together this morning and Squirt was doing some form of Martial Arts in there, (he is a baby ninja after all) so Jeeves got to feel lots of baby movement. We are both getting really excited about the next couple months (only 67 days to go!), getting the last things ready for little man and preparing to welcome him home. Sunshine told my Grandma last night that "we" are having a baby. She already thinks of him as a sibling! It's so wonderful.

She also talked about how babies cry because they can't talk yet and that's so the Mommy knows that they need help, she's such a smart little girl and so excited to finally be a big sister. We also had a long talk about how Pumpkin can do things because she's bigger and when the baby comes Sunshine will be able to do things that the baby won't, Sunshine is super pumped about that.  

We've had some sad news in the family today. My Grandmother's sister (my great aunt) died this morning. She was a kind and funny lady and will be missed by everyone who knew her. We are praying for my grandma, uncle Don, aunt Sue's daughters, her grandchildren and the extended family, that they will find peace and be comforted. Rejoice in new life aunt Sue.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the loss in your family.

Baby ninja = kicking like crazy! Must be quite the pregnancy. Glad the kids are receptive to the whole idea of a new baby.

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

She was honestly the nicest lady you'd ever want to meet. Such a great sense of humor too.

Julie said...

Sorry about your Aunt.
I loved it when Mike hop, skipped and jump in there and kicked Jim all night long. Jim would tell me to roll over so he could get some sleep.
Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Ana said...

I am so sorry about your great aunt :( May she rest in peace, and your family be comforted.

I hope you get better soon! We have the creeping crud here too--lots of snot dripping from the babes and sinus pressure for me. Feel better soon! I'm drinking endless cups of hot lemon water with ginger!

And double yay for Sunshine and Pumpkin being so excited about their baby bro!!

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