I Can Taste!!!

I spent the majority of the weekend with a clogged ear and unable to taste anything. A very funny friend once described eating with a cold as trying to find taste satisfaction from licking the back of your hand, not gonna work. The ear is still clogged and it might even be an infection. If it doesn't ease up I'll end up at the ENT this week, more doctors, yay...

Well, at least the crud is receding and I can taste again which resulted in downing about 6 cookies and a plate of fried perogies with sour cream before bed last night. I'm working from home today, trying to get work done while dealing with very demanding and confused munches. They can't figure out what I'm doing home and why I keep asking them to let me work, obviously I'm here to snuggle with them on the couch right?

uh, not today, girlies.

I hope every one had a lovely and relaxing weekend, mine was both as I got spend a lot of time relaxing at home with my girls and Jeeves as well as having super yummy Vietnamese cuisine for lunch on Saturday. I love Papaya salad but it's a bit intensive to make so having it at this new place is a yummy and inexpensive option. Also, and I'm going to revel some "Ninja's a big jerk" here, every person who served us was easy to understand. It made ordering easy and that made the whole experience better for me. I get a little irritated when I have a hard time communicating with people.  

I spent last evening at the viewing for my great aunt. She had lots of visitors and her family was surrounded by support and love. This is going to be a good week, I'm going to get to bed before midnight each night, try to cook dinner at least 3 nights and relax as much as possible. Intentional sloth is my mode of operation for the next few weeks. I figure if I can do some light cleaning to stay on top of the disaster and get some food cooking at the same time, I'll be able to kick my feet up and enjoy week 31 of this baby journey. I have no deadlines, projects or plans for this week and I'm going to do whatever I can to keep it that way.


Ana said...

I'm glad you had an awesome weekend! You're mention of Vietnamese food reminded me of last Monday--we had a Vietnamese Beef and Noodle Broth for my hubby's birthday...soo tasty! I'm making it again later this month.

I had to LOL at how your munches want you to snuggle on the sofa because the Mark Twain boys do that to me too...if I sit down with a book or start working on my continuing education, it's like they have a sensor that goes off, and they go into "MOMMY!" mode.

Yay for week 31!!! Have a great week Nelly!

Amanda said...

Intentional sloth sounds like a plan to me! You deserve it :)

Julie said...

You deserve the break, if you can really get one. Put your feet up and just relax when possible. Enjoy your week. Take care and God Bless!!

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