Week 31: Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy

I could stage a one woman show of the dwarf monologues. (pause for me to stop laughing cause that just tickled me a lot)

Seriously though, I'm so tired that yesterday I woke up at 10:30am (yep, got to sleep in) and was bone tired, ready for bed by 3:00pm. What the what? And I'm apparently now suffering from a bizarre lack of snot, yeah after all the goo that has been running out of my head for the last week, now my sinuses are so dry they are cracking and bleeding. feast or famine eh?

I'm going in early to work this morning and then going home early too. As soon as I arrive home, I am finding my warmest most snuggly pajamas and laying on the couch for no less than three hours. Then I'm going to get up and take the munches to the Play Place so they can climb and run for an hour or two, burn off some of that insane energy I wish I could steal from them. Poor girls are so stir crazy from pregnant mommy and sleep daddy, I'm surprised they haven't melted down by this point. 

It's week 31 of pregnancy, I have 9 weeks or 63 days to go. Weeks to go are now in the single digits, whoo-hoo! Nothing new this week, just getting fatter and moving all over the place. He gets especially active when I eat or relax with my arms across my belly. I was out to lunch with Aimes who is pregnant for the first time and she was watching my belly dance and bounce while I was eating. She got excited and pointed it out to Nessa and it made me laugh so hard that they couldn't see him moving anymore.

In good, thanks be to the highest news, my back pain is lessening thanks to the wonders of the maternity pillow. Most days I get through with minimal limping and I'm able to walk more and further than before. It's been such a relief. I've still got the waddle and occasional twinge of pain, but all in all it's much more deal-able than before when I actually cried a time or two because it hurt so much.

I'm up to 205 now, which makes me cry a little. I know, because I'm not an idiot, that I had to gain weight to have a healthy baby. But I feel I've gained too much. It's disheartening and I wanted so badly to stay under 200 with this pregnancy. I feel like a wight loss failure and like all my hard work was for nothing. Sorry for the pity party, I wish I was handling this better than I am.


Amanda said...

Just think though. As soon as you pop you'll go right back down! You know what your need to do post surgery and you are super mom so you'll do it!

Amanda said...

Awww... I wish I could make you feel better! Plus side, you'll have a lovely dramatic weight loss after he's born :) Or a few weeks after. I know my body held onto a ton of fluid especially after #1 son was born.

Hang in there!

Ana said...

I echo what the ladies said before me, once he's born, you'll easily be below 200! Don't worry about it sweetie, but I do know the feelings of disappointment. ((hugs)) across the miles!!

The Ninja said...

You guys are the best.


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