On waking up early and "Stephanies"

Today I woke up earlier than I needed to and then decided to come into work because if I'm in at 7am, I can go home at 3pm, rather than 5, which is pretty great, cause I got's me some stuff to do. Right now I'm sitting here drinking Butter Pecan flavored coffee and feeling pretty alright about the day.

The thing about waking up early is that you wake up, and want to go back to sleep, but you are not sure that when you get up again you are going to feel okay about it being morning. It's best to just get up and avoid the zombie mode that comes from that extra half hour to 45 minutes of sleep. That's my experience at least, I find that getting up when my body tells me it's time to wake up tends to result in a better attitude for the rest of the day, and trust me, those around me should be thankful, It's so easy to have a rotten attitude these days.

So easy in fact that the other day, Jeeves was headed out to work and when I hugged him, Sunshine looked shocked and said, "Mommy, you and Daddy...love each other???" it was both humorous and sad, apparently my munches think I don't like daddy very much, gotta fix that. I do like him, a lot. He's really, really good to me. Sometimes better than he has to be. (I'm not always a picnic, I know that's hard to believe)

Last night on the radio this woman called in and her name was "Stephanie" she complained to the radio host about the lack of hallmark moments in her relationship with her guy. Then after she got off the phone a dude called in and said he'd dated two "Stephanies" (using her name to describe the girls he'd dated) and said that if girls want more romance and hallmarky crap they should stop being such horrible pains in the ass.

Amen dude.

I do not understand because I am not a hallmarky lady. Being all romantical with the nonsense makes me a little twitchy and I think perhaps my sappy is broken. Jeeves has made me the happiest when he has done something practical and kind for me, and honestly those are the things that stick. Poor Stephanie is going to be a snot to guys who are practical and kind and spend her life all bent out of shape and wounded because of the lack of greeting card love in her life. It's sad really.
"How come no one wants sweep me off my feet?"
I think it's time to get a clue, guys aren't going to make your life like a movie/romance novel/Nick Sparks book...you're blessed if you find someone who wants to be with you in spite of your manic OCD/pet peeves/occasionally bad attitude and lack of interest in nooky at three in the morning when they wake up and decide it's "magic time". The reason they make movies with great sex set to music, and exciting romantic relationships with huge sweeping gestures is that it's a novelty, if that was real life, no one would want to watch it on TV. Think about it, how many people would watch a movie about a week in my life? I'll tell you how many, three. My mom because she loves me, me because I'm narcissistic and Jeeves because he'd think if he sat through it with me, he might get lucky later.

The point is (yes, I am going to arrive at the point now) Nobody is perfect Stephanie, nobody. So find someone who loves what's not perfect about you and then find a way to get over your bad attitude, because if you let it be, life can be so good.

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Polar's Mom said...

Too true...that's what movies are for! Not to show us what we are missing, but to bring us to a world of makebelieve.

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