Clean Office: Check!

Oh, the extreme satisfaction of having things done.

I'm just going to bask for a moment.

Alright enough of that. 4 bags of stuff went to the trash, 2 Bags and 1 basket of clothing went to the goodwill and 2 tubs went out into the storage shed. My office closet now has 1 tub of yarn, 1 tub of scrapbook stuff and 1 tub of jewelry making supplies, just like I wanted. It also has 2 tubs of Jeeves stuff and 1 tub of various supplies for Christmas gifts. I can hang things in that closet if I need to, not that I do, but I could.

I have a love seat, and a television and a computer desk that has space for my laptop as well as the desktop when we get it working again. I'm just tickled about this whole thing. The entire house is now accessible and after we complete operation Santa Moellering the baby room will be ready to decorate and outfit for little dude's arrival.

I've gone through the sizable collection of toys our Munches have amassed in the last year and come up with a pile of toys/books/stuffies that will be delivered into the hands of some kids whose Christmases might not be as blessed as our little girl's will be. We want the munches to get into the spirit of the season of giving, so we asked them to choose some toys to give to other little girls who don't have toys, they picked out some things and made me tear up a bit with how sad they were that other girls don't have toys. They are such sweet young ladies, I'm so proud of them.

Now I'm going to clean up the room, dust the desk, finish up with clearing off the sewing desk and then I'll show you my new house. I'm so relieved to be done.


Erin said...

You take nesting seriously. :)

Julie said...

YEAH!!! You've been wanting to get it done and now you are. A Christmas to be had, a baby room to be fixed and the new arrival. Everything is coming together just like you needed. I am glad.
Take care and have a blessed weekend.

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