Le Casa De Ninja

Yeah, there are like 4 languages in that title. Whatevs.
So I took some pics of the new house stuff. Thought you'd like to see what the fuss was all about.
First the new (reclaimed from munchkin-land) den.
We need a bigger tree skirt - post Christmas sale here I come!
My new favorite place to crochet and watch movies.
Then the living room which has once again become the place where the girls hang out.
grainy pic, sorry about that. We pick up toys each night now.
And the spare room, which will be where Daniel and I sleep.
My old rocker which needs screws tightened and a slip cover.
Pile of Gifts and stuff to donate, Oh and the tree box.
My new bed, gotta get some pillows for this thing
And the office, okay, this is not as clean as I would prefer, however I can walk into it, and am currently in the process of turning my mess of a sewing table into a work space to use during the next three weeks. We need some art work and new lamps for this room, but all in good time.
These are the ring bearer pillows from our wedding
The TV I will watch 25 days of Christmas on, while sewing and crafting.
Non working 'puter, TV for donating, and Printer to dispose of
Oh Dear God, what a mess, but by the time this posts, It'll be cleaned up.


Ana said...

Dang lady! You are working your preggo butt off! Where are you getting your energy? I never did massive cleaning like you when pregnant. I just expanded...lol!

btw, I love your pillows with the circles and the striped rug...that is just awesome!!

Julie said...

You're getting there, you are.
Love the tour.
Have a blessed evening.

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