Week 26: a day late

Before I talk development I wanted to share a photo or two.
This first one is from February of 2009
I was not 6 months pregnant in this photo. 
February 2010

And this photo was taken this morning.
Today I am 6 months pregnant,
Jeeves with no sleep + freshly scrubbed face = bad photo
This is good right?

Any way it's week 26! Little man is growing and his central nervous system is developing. In this week's big news he can see! His eye lids which were fused shut to this point have now opened and if there were any light in there he'd be able to see the grossness he's currently floating around in. Maybe it's better that it's dark...

Anyway he can also now nod and shake his head, as the muscles in his neck are now strong enough to move the giant gourd around on his shoulders. This means that when he is born he'll be able to turn his head toward me when he hears my voice. I love it when they do that, sometimes I'll be quiet for a bit and sneak around to other other side of where the baby is and then start talking just to see them look for me, makes me feel important.

I ran across a blog today, written by a man who is giving advise to husbands of pregnant wives. It's a well written blog with good information but many of the comments and responses worried me. The blog writer hasn't posted in over a year, and so all of the comments are older, but many of them talk about pregnant partners being just plain mean. I understand at least as well as any one else how crazy being pregnant can make you. I mean, talk about pressure (and I'm not just talking about on your bladder) You have the sole responsibility for growing a person inside you body, making the right calls, avoiding falling down the stairs and refraining from drinking Jaegerbombs. You are on a bullet train to an event so painful that you forget how much it hurts after it happens because your brain can't handle that memory. It's rough to be a woman having a baby, to be sure.

But that doesn't mean it okay to verbally assault and alienate your significant other. I will admit to being slightly insane, markedly obsessive and a bit rude from time to time, but mostly, I try to be nice to my husband and apologize when I've said something crazy/critical/hurtful/obnoxious/hateful  Because, he's a good guy, he obviously cares a great deal about me, and I was (happily)involved in the choice to have this child so he should not be made to suffer for it. That's all I've got to say about that.


Polar's Mom said...

Big difference!!! And can I just say you barely look pregnant now!

The Ninja said...

Thanks PM, there is about a 50 pound weight difference in the photos as well, I was 250 in the first and am sitting right at 200 now. Hoping to not go over 210 but we'll see.

I am going to have some better photos taken at a more pregnant angle so everyone can see the bump!

Ana said...

Lady, you are gorgeous! I cannot believe you are six months along already. Seriously, you told us last week you were preggers...well, okay, maybe it was a while ago, but it sure feels like last week :D

Julie said...

Girl, that is amazing. You have done so very well to stay fit and trim. YEAH!!! It sure will make afterwards easier too.
I have read things like you've talked about and it's true that some people are cruel. When I had Mike I made sure Jim was just as proud as could be I didn't kill him during all that work. In fact at one time I asked for my mommmy (we had problems having Mike and after 36 hours I wanted my mommy but) and Jim would of went and got her but I got to thinking he really wanted just him and me even after all the troubles so I just loved him even more for stepping back it that was what I wanted. It's hard to explain but I'm sure you understand.
Anyways, have a great day. Take care and God bless you my friend.

Laura Belle said...

You look great!! (even with scrubbed face!)

Yes, I want to see belly pics too!

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