100 days and counting

Lookit me, posting on a Sunday, what is going on?

I got up really, really early today and dragged the kids to church, then we went to Walmart to pick up some staples for the week and came home. After arriving home I felt a little ill and started having a few Braxton Hicks contractions. So I drank a big thing of water and went to lay "on my left side" until they went away and I started feeling better. Three and half hours later I wake up. It's dark and I have itchy "slept in your bra and fancy underwear"lines all over. Awesome.

According to the little creepily round womb widget on the side bar, I've got 100 days left of being pregnant. Which means I've got about 160 days until Mud Run 2011, yep, still doing it, I'm gonna be the muddy flabby lady holding the 8 week old infant crying and smiling because, look what I did!

It's dinner time so I'm going to go cook something for Jeeves and I to have before he leaves for work. Hope everyone's weekend went well and that you all are ready for work tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!


Amanda said...

I worked Saturday so I'm still thinking I'm due another day off... oh well :) Won't stop the morning from coming!

Here's hoping I manage to get up with my alarm at 5 and drag myself on a walk in the early morning. I now have an iPod Nano so no more excuses about being bored and stuff.

Have a great week, and happy final 100-days countdown!

Julie said...

It was nice to hear you on Sunday. Glad you just took the time to relax and not over do the day. Take care of yourself and have a blessed week!!

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