What's Preggo to Do?

I need a new winter coat. I have two winter coats, one is a light weight wool coat that works fine when it's not windy, or if I'm wearing three layers underneath. The other one was a necessity buy while visiting some family a few years ago. We drove up to Iowa and realized that the temperature had dropped below freezing and everyone had a coat but me. So we went to the nearby Walmart and found this puffy, purple marshmallow coat for 15 bucks, I was cold and the price was right. The giant, purple, down stuffed monstrosity was bad enough when I wasn't shaped like Humpty Dumpty, but now it's just wrong and I can't bring myself to do it in public. Picture a Grape with legs... just, no.

So I went to the trusty goodwill, intent on finding something suitable until at the end of the winter the good shit goes on clearance and I can buy my "skinny mommy of three with awesome taste" coat for next winter. Problem is that I found the exact coat I wanted, a Dark Gray plaid maternity pea coat from the GAP, and only 7.99 (I almost fainted) but it was a size small!!!(pause for cursing and spitting)


So my new plan is to make myself a coat. Now that I've seen the incredible cuteness, no holdover coat will do, I'll keep thinking about the awesome coat that got away and that I could never afford to buy new. I've got a pattern that I believe I can alter fairly easily. So, this weekend I'm headed to the craft store to find a some fleece and some flannel.  I prefer the flannel lining because fleece would create a frizzed out nightmare, I'm sure.
My Inspiration is this coat.
So in love with this coat, for realz.

 If I can make an awesome coat, for around 20 bucks (using coupons for supplies), I'll have hit the maternity wear jackpot. More too follow, hopefully soon.

EDIT: Old Navy has almost this exact coat for 40.00 on sale right now, Jeeves and I are going to visit the store on Friday afternoon, and if it fits, I might not be able to resist buying it.

Also: I'm pretty impressed with my selection of Maternity clothes these days and thinking of doing a weekly picture of me in some of my faves, would you be interested in seeing that?


Ana said...

That coat is describable in one word: AWESOME! I can't wait to see the finished product :) Are you going to do a cute fleece print too?

Amanda said...

Bring on the maternity fashion pics! I have to live vicariously anymore... LOL

Anonymous said...

That coat is awesome!

Laura Belle said...

That coat is too cute! I bet you'll like the one at O.N. though.

And yes! Pictures!!!!

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