Week 22: Itchy, Twitchy and Gassy...ugh.

It's week 22, more growing, more developing, more of the same. No new developments this week but tooth buds, inner ear balance systems, and facial features continue to form. This week he is about the size of a spaghetti squash and still hovering at right under a foot long and right under a pound of baby chub. Today the websites tell me that Squirt looks like a red wrinkled prune, and is steadily packing on brown fat that will eventually help him regulate his body temp.

The only new development this week is that pretty soon his pancreas will start secreting the hormones that help regulate parts of his body and aid with digestion.

Last night I got in a mood to bake and the result was to use the incredible amounts of biscuits in my fridge to create to-go sloppy-joes with ground up broccoli normandy and to-go biscuits and gravy.  I flattened the biscuits slightly and placed them in a muffin tin. Then I filled them with sloppy-joe mix or sausage gravy and cheese and baked them for ten minutes. It was like portable heaven.

But....I ate too many and felt like garbage and couldn't fall asleep until well after 2am, so great was my discomfort. I was achy, crampy and gassy, and nothing seemed to help. So I rolled around in bed for awhile and eventually drifted off, sometime close to 3 I'd guess. I also cleaned the kitchen, folded every stitch of clean laundry in the house and managed to crochet a bit while watching LOTR. (yeah, party animal, I know)

The biggest news this week is that I have been attached by the itches. Everything itches, my arms, legs, back, head, belly...everything!!! No amount of lotion helps for long, so the girls and I had a fun time re-applying every half hour last night. They love helping me put lotion on my belly, they talk to the baby and kiss my stomach, it's pretty cute. Pumpkin also was in a very helpful mood last night and helped me do the laundry and load the dishwasher. 

Tonight should be much less busy, I've promised the girls we can bake something and Mutti is coming for dinner to enjoy some of the leftover to-go biscuit dinner awesomeness. I'm going to get the folder laundry put away and then my chores for the week will be done. I've put at least 6 days worth of lunches and dinner in the freezer and there is only one day's worth of laundry to do.

A Little Background: Since my move in with Jeeves, roughly 9 years ago, I have been an utter failure at laundry. When we moved from our first place to our second, we moved baskets of dirty laundry (literal not figurative) then when we moved from our second place into Mutti's basement the clothing hoarding and dirty stacks were both epic and frightening. When we moved into our current home I decided to avoid being cast on Hoarders, the child lost in the laundry edition, I had to change to way I do laundry.

We are not talking about me making great amazing strides, it's taken two years to purge the extra clothing and  to get to the point where the laundry can all be done in one day. But, in preparation for Baby number three I've decided to make life a little easier on myself and do laundry as it builds rather than waiting until I have no more clean underwear and half to have "naked laundry day" Also to make things easier on Jeeves, who is a dude and doesn't know how to dress little girls, I fold outfits together and each of the munches has a drawer from which he can just grab and clothe. It's a good system when parties and craft project don't get in the way. But I'm working on that.

Viva La Laundry!


Ana said...

Laundry is the bane of my existence! I hate it. Evil, evil laundry! I am so going to steal your to-go biscuit idea too--that sounds just awesome! My hubs is a huge biscuits and gravy fan.

Woohoo for LotR! I brought my extended editions home to sew to in the evenings :)

Losing It said...

Make sure you talk to your doctor about the itches! I know it is probably normal winter dry skin, but never hurts to bring it up. :D

Hello Jodi said...

I am pretty bad about laundry as well and I can't even imagine how difficult it is with kids and outfits and all that.
The thing I've discovered recently is that if I select my outfit the night before it saves me a lot of time. I have been known to throw stuff everywhere looking for something to wear and not putting it back. I just started laying my clothes out at night to save time getting ready: I had no idea it would help in my closet mess.

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