Over the river, and through the woods

I went to my Gram and Grump's house this weekend. They live about two hours north-west of us and a couple time a year I pack up some clothes and Mutti and I take the munches for a weekend at the Lake house. When My Grands lived in town we were there at least once a week and I miss them terribly now that they have moved so far away. So getting to visit was a real treat.

I lost Sunshine under one of the beds and freaked out for about 5 minutes but apart from that it was a relaxing and food filled weekend. Gram made us chicken and dumplings and we took her out for the birthday on Saturday night. I ordered a pork chop meal with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. There was so much food on the plate that I brought half of it home and had it for lunch the following day.

Last night we came home, I did some laundry and then we went and picked Erin up at the Train Station, which was fun except Sunshine flipped out because she wanted to go on the train and didn't think it was fair that we went home instead. She was very sleepy at that point, so was I for that matter, so we went home and climbed into bed.

I hope your weekends went well and that you had a chance to relax as well.


Ana said...

We went to the boy's grandparent's house this weekend!! It was a worthwhile trip for sure...even with the snow.

Oh gosh, I can't stand it when one of the babes disappears! The last time was Tom Sawyer as he went out the back door at my parent's house, ran around the house, and then hung out in the garage, waiting for my dad to come out and do a raku pottery firing. Scared the crap out of me!

It sounds like an awesome weekend though was had all around.

Julie said...

Mike did that hide and not find with me once and it scared the living crap out of me and we were in K-Mart and he was in one of those ride on toys but I couldn't see him. I was crying and fussing and scared out of my mind, he just came up behind me said boo and laughed.
We had a great weekend. Over ate way to much and am paying for the discomfort today but know better but have to admit it tasted awesome. So onwards and upwards (the scale not upwards though).
Have a great and blessed week.

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