The Great Pumpkin

No wait, that's me.

We went to the family fun farm, ate yummy succotash and played with the munches. I have dozens of photos, but I'll only bore you all with a few. I am so looking forward to this next weekend.

This is the 3rd year they've worn these!

Sunshine riding the range...um circle.

Pumpkin spent ten minutes after this petting the pony.

My Cute Little Pumpkin!

Livvie, Sunshine and Pumpkin

We rode through the pumpkins, but did not get off the wagon

Post Outing Snack: Rock Candy!

Me and My Munches

Tinkerbell and Silvermist.


Carbie Girl said...

woohoo.. i love photo posts!! the girls are so friggin cute just like their mom!! and don't get me started on those candy corn knits... do those come in my size?? LOL

Amanda said...

LOVE IT! Love those little sweaters, love all the cute pictures!

Laura Belle said...

Those little sweaters are too cute!!

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