Week 20: Half Way There

Week 20 is finally here and I'm halfway done with this being pregnant nonsense. Now we measure Squirt by the length of his whole body which, according to both the ultrasound tech and the baby websites, is about 10 inches from head to foot. His bones are hardening and his fingerprints and toe-prints are just about done forming. He has got the beginnings of eye lashes and eyebrows and his tiny little lips are almost fully formed. Also he's started growing little tooth buds in his gums (the better to bite you with, my dear)

This sounds like a complete baby, but he's still less than an 8th of what he'll weigh when he makes his grand entrance next year. The girls were 7.8 and almost 7.15, So I'm sure little mister will be 8 and some change.

I bought little mister his first new outfit last night. A local discount store has these baby jammies that I buy for my babies. They are super soft and often have cute little sayings on them. When Sunshine was born her's were pink and said "Princess Crabbypants." Super cute. Squirt's jammies are green and say, "you were never THIS cute" I don't know how much I love the saying but the outfit is soft and cuddly. If it were smaller it might be what we brought him home in but I'm going to find a "newborn" outfit for coming home. The tags are often misleading and 0-3 months can often be translated into "that will fit when he's 4 years old" So one new newborn outfit, added to the few that came from my awesome SIL, should be enough for the first few weeks.

On friday this week we are doing our very first, "Trunk or Treat" at church. Since the family is going as fairies, we will be decorating the car to look like pixie hollow, with big flowers, grass and mushrooms. We also used some leftover felt to make some really cute butterfly decorations. It's not done but this will be going in the back of our van to show off Mutti and I's creative awesomeness. Who doesn't go buy decorations at the store...this guy.


Amanda said...

have you guys talked names?

Amanda said...

Boys are awesome. And muddy. And awesome.

(and did I mention the filth? Because oy vey...)

The Ninja said...

Yeah, I've been frequenting "Shit my Kids Ruined" it's been very edifying.

The baby's name will be Daniel William, I've determined that my children's teachers will like my names, they will be able to both pronounce and spell them.

Julie said...

Love the name. Perfect for you little man to be.
Boys are awesome and so differen then girls.
Take care and God Bless!!!

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