Friday Baby!

This has been such a wonky week, I'm so glad that it's friday. Not that I have a relaxing weekend planned or anything, but tonight I'm going to clean house, and get our laundry done. Tomorrow we are going to the Pumpkin Patch with Mutti, Felix, Brit, Livvie and Rhys. We are going back to the orchard I wrote about back in September which also has a pumpkin patch and it promises to be a fun day full of yummy food, photo ops and great weather (Hello 67 degrees!)

Then later that night I'll be headed out for probably my last "night out" until after Squirt is born. (I'm still gonna call him squirt till he comes out and earns a new nickname) My girl-friends wanted to go clubbing and dancing and since I'm a non-drinker right now I offered to be the DD, in exchange for baked goods (I was totally kidding but now I'm told there will be some yummy things there for me anyway, I love you guys!). I'm still able to hide the belly to some degree so I'm gonna go dance it up and have a good time. Probably not going to post pictures of that, but I bet Erin will (am I right?)   

Sunday I'm hoping to visit with my Dad if I can convince him to come out to the house and hang out with us. We'll see. I hope everyone else has a fun weekend. See you all Monday!


Erin said...

Yeah pictures are a good bet :)

Julie said...

Well then I'll have to go to Erin's blog and just see. :o)
I hope you have a great time. You deserve it. I'm heading out with a friend to Oktoberfest at a resort. Should be awesome.
Take care and have a blessed weekend.
Oh by the way, Mike was called peewee in the tummy, back when he was just starting out and he's now just about 20 and Jim (the daddy) still calls him that once in awhile. Cool beans!! Well I think so anyways. :o)

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