Weekend Farm Fun

Saturday was a beautiful day and when Erin called to ask if I wanted to go out and do something I was like, "Hell yeah!" We decided to take the munches and head about 45 minutes south-east to a local apple orchard/farm that allows you to pick your own apples. I had never been apple picking before, so this was new for the whole Ninja family. It had been awhile since we had seen Aimee, so we called and she joined us on the outing, 3 adults to 2 kids, that's a good ratio.
We got there and found that there was a 10 dollar entry charge. I was concerned about the price until we got inside and found a play-land that kept the munches occupied for hours. There were several carnival type rides designed for "littles" that were free to ride, as many times as they wanted to.
Pumpkin is holding Sunshine's hand! So Cute!

Also there was this giant jumping pillow thing.
 A Corn Maze.
Is this Creepy? I can't decide...

Tire Swings.

A Tractor pulled barrel ride.

photo ops galore
Aimee and Pumpkin
And Apple picking...
We had so much fun and except for a short meltdown over a lollipop (which was actually about being really tired) it went off without a hitch. We already have tentative plans in place to head down in the latter part of October for Pumpkin picking and more family style fun. Also, we plan on having a meal there, as there were several stands that sold things like pulled pork, succotash, and turkey legs. With ice cold cider, yum!

I did more house cleaning this weekend, and spent about 8 hours yesterday working on things like my lower cabinets and floorboards. They needed it and I figured I'd do it before I got too fat pregnant to get down there.I didn't get as much done on the costumes as I'd have liked to, but Jeeves will be going to work early tonight so while I'm trapped at home with no car, I'll be working on them. Oh and I almost forgot, bump pic....


Losing It said...

I love agritainment! And you look great Mama :D

Laura Belle said...

Awww, you're so cute with your little bump! I love it!

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