I'm officially zombifed today. I'm sitting in my office drinking a cup of coffee that is more other stuff than coffee. It's got creamer, hot coco mix, and splenda all stirred up in there. Tastes pretty darn good, I'm not gonna lie. I didn't sleep well last night, was up late decorating a cake and then Sunshine climbed into bed with me and proceeded to kick me in the side all night long. (awesome)

I did however, do some fun stuff before bed. I started working on my Halloween costume.I know I've talked about how much I LOVE Halloween before, this is an extension of that, for I LOVE costumes as well. I am going to be Vidia, the smart-ass purple fairy from the new series of Tinkerbelle movies by Disney. We are going to have a whole troupe of Fairies. Pumpkin is going to be Silvermist, a blue water fairy, and Sunshine is going to be Tink herself. My niece "K" is going to be Irridessa, a yellow light fairy, and my Mom is going to be Fairy Mary, a tinker fairy who has very no-nonsense but also maternal qualities. The beauty of the costumes I'm making is that they are designed for warmth. The pattern calls for all of these fancy fabrics and extra sewing...come on ! This is for one night of trick or treating and then dress up until they fall apart, I'm doing it the easiest way possible.The girls dresses and bloomers are going to be made of fleece and they will have white turtlenecks, sweaters, leggings, tights and gloves. My hope is that the costumes will be warm enough that the girls won't have to wear coats over their costumes while trick or treating. I always hated having to do that growing up.

Mom and I's costumes are based on sweatsuits that are altered/painted and embellished to look fairy-ish. I am looking at ways to make hats that will match as well, but in order for me to be happy with it I'll need them to look right and that might take a bit. I'll be working on the costumes for the next few weeks, So I'll have pictures to show you soon. Also, and this pretty big for me, I'm going to show everyone my bump, which I've kept under wraps for the last 15 weeks. I'll have those up next week, after I have a chance to color my hair and get fancied up so I can avoid cringing at the camera.


Amanda said...

can't wait to see the costumes! You do good work!

I need to look up those fairys so I know what they look like!

Ana said...

Ooo, I am so curious to see your costumes! My MIL got me a sewing machine for my birthday, so I am going to start playing around with it as soon as school starts for the hubs.

And I cannot wait to see the bump!! Sorry, I'm one of those women who really couldn't have cared less about pregnancy and babies...until she had a few of her own...and now I love baby bumps and birth stories! :D

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