Week 16: Guacamole!!!!

Squirt is about the size of an avocado right now, (anyone else craving Mexican, no, just me, alright then) she weighs about 3 ounces and is about 4 inches long. As she slowly gets to a normal head/body/limbs ratio there are other thing going on as well. Things like toenails and scalp patterns (riveting, no?...)

 Week 16 is typically when people begin feeling baby movements.  I have been feeling flutters for a bit, but have yet to feel any strong kicks or exciting dance moves going on down there. I feel like I should count my blessings on this. Both of the girls were busy and rocking all the time, and it looked creepy cause you could see my belly bounce from across the room.

Limbs are still lengthening, and an ultrasound would be able to detect whether Squirt is going to be a he or a she. ( Baby gaga says "Whether it has a cheeseburger or a hotdog. Gotta love gender / food comparisons, I'll never look at a Quarter Pounder the same way again)

This weeks cartoon is hilarious  (courtesy of Baby Gaga)

Does anyone else love the fact that Caffeine is bad and yet in this cartoon three preggos are sitting around drinking coffee, I do.


Kelly said...

Bahahaha @the lady picturing the dog. Hilarious.

Amanda said...

you had me at guacamole! Seriously that is a weakness for me!!

Ana said...

LOL! I love that photo, and I just noticed that they're all drinking coffee because you mentioned it. Maybe they're having their allocated 1 cup a day? lol! I had such a hard time going from 2 to 1 cups when I was preggo with my first.

Grow Baby Jumping Bean!! Grow!!

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