97 Cents of Awesome

We shop a lot at Walmart, it's close by and has everything we need in one place. I am there a few times a week to pick things up and the Munches really like going there. They get really animated and they call it "the Walmart" which makes Mutti and I laugh because we both love the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" and the way the munches say "The Walmart" reminds us both of the part of the movie where George Clooney's character gets tossed out of the department store and the clerk yells, "and stay outta the Woolworth"

While wandering around "the Walmart" I stumbled across something that I didn't know existed. It is a small activity pack, with a few crayons, some stickers and a tiny coloring book. It was 97 cents and the most genius thing ever, in my eyes at least.
I have "go-bags". They are actually meal bags from the kids meals at Subway and they work well for keeping the munches busy. There are tiny notebooks, crayons, stickers, a snack and a small toy in there and they work great...when I remember them.

But, lets be honest, we all know how motherhood goes, you wind up waiting for an hour for something that was supposed to be a 5 minute trip and you want to shoot your little angels with paint balls by the time you get home. These little sanity savers are going into my purse and I'm going to pick them up for every other mother I know, because they are small and easily fit into those odd pockets in your purse that really don't have another purpose.

So, YAY! for 97 cents of awesome and, if you know of a mom in the 2-7 year old kids range, get her some of these, she will love you.


Mrs. D said...

Love it! I have to carry stuff for my son when we run errands as well- definitely going to look for those!

Losing It said...

We keep a bunch of these on hand! Love them. Toy story, cars, disney.. oh yeah totally worth the dollar!

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

desperately in need of some of these!! Whoever thought of this is the patron saint of mothers with toddlers

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